Wagons and locomotives for sale and rent

Long experience of manufacturing wagons and locomotives allows us to offer you all types of cars in affordable and flexible terms.

Wagon rental is cost-effective and efficient. We have all types of wagons to offer.

  • Covered, tank, woodchip and timber wagons
  • Platforms
  • Etc.

Rental cars to rail freight traffic.

  • Covered wagons (150 m³ – 158 m³). Production year – 2012
  • Timber wagons
  • Woodchip wagon (model: 23-469-XX, 180m3)
  • Wagons with fittings (model: 13-9004)
  • Tank wagons (models: 15-1566-06; 15-1443-06; 15-776-01; 15-1547-03; 15-9727; 15-150-02; 15-150-01; 15-740; 15-1566-06)

All coaches can go to CIS and foreign countries by rails.

Our solutions shall meet customers‘ individual needs!